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Delivery in 3-7 working days
Delivery in 3-7 working days

Flammkraft Wok

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Original price
£240.00 - £260.00
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Product Description

Please note: delivery currently up to 14 days. 

Chinese steel wok, 33 cm diameter, hand-hammered with round bottom, as is customary with the traditional Asian cooking utensil. Seasoning the wok allows the material to form a layer which prevents food from sticking to the wok.

The versatility of the wok is almost unbeatable - in the preparation of classic wok dishes and modern interpretations alike.

For operation above the roasting burner. 3mm stainless steel holder also allows the wok to be placed on a table.

  • Use: Rapid and even cooking, due to the characteristic belly shape.
  • Durable wooden handle sheath; wok can stand on the table with stainless steel holder
  • Size: 33 cm diameter
  • Material: Steel (hand-hammered); Brushed stainless steel (holder)

Attention: The wok must be cured before use. This takes a good 20 minutes. Detailed instructions are of course included.

Please note: delivery currently up to 14 days.