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Delivery in 3-7 working days

HORL®2 Cruise Sharpener

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Product Description

The revolutionary HORL 2 sharpener takes the guesswork out of the most tricky aspect of using a whetstone: getting the sharpening angle right. It’s also exponentially quicker, as there is no soaking needed. There are two parts to the HORL 2: an angle support bar and a roller. The knife, blade side up, attaches to the angle support bar, which is set to 20°. The knife stays in place thanks to strong magnets, while you move the roller back and forth on the other side of the blade a few times. The roller also has two sides: a diamond disc for sharpening and a stainless-steel disc for honing. The HORL 2 Cruise model is an excellent option for Western-style blades, which is suitable for sharpening at a 20° angle and can withstand the abrasion of the stainless-steel honing disc. The angle bar and roller are made of lacquered wood manufactured in-house by HORL in Germany’s Black Forest region. The discs on this roller are not interchangeable.