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Angus & Oink Dirty Cow Beef BBQ Rub (220g)

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Dirty Cow Beef BBQ Rub was developed to deliver Maximum Crustal Distortion and super bark power for Brisket & Beef Ribs in a low & slow cooking environment. Dirty Cow Beef BBQ Rub has uber umami impact using both natural and super natural flavour force enhancers.

Flavour runs from from umami to rich beefiness then Chilean oregano and the deep red of the smoked paprika, not forgetting nutmeg and soy sauce powder for ultimate mouth water.

Delicious on all beef cuts, but try a low and slow cooked brisket for something special.


Ingredients: Salt, Coffee, Black Pepper, Sugar, Paprika, Celery Salt, (CELERY), Cumin, Anise, Onion, Garlic, Oregano, Chipotle, Citric Acid, Shiitake, Tamari Soy Sauce Powder, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Silicon Dioxide, E621, E631

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